Earn 1 $ just by installing this APPS to your Mobile

In this Page I would like to introduce this mobile APPS that will pay you for installing, answering simple SURVEY and inviting your friends to Install this APPS on there mobile phone ( Android or iOS ). Every Survey that will be completed will pay you 1$, and for every friend that you invited to use the APPS will also be paid 1$. So that means if you have 1000 friend in facebook and you convince them to install or use this APPS, you will get 1000$ just by sharing your invite code. But before we Proceed I will explain this apps to you.

What is this APPS? 

Is the app that pays you cash on the fly! Download the app and get connected with paid tasks from the brands you use every day. Take a photo of your kitchen cupboard, tell us how you choose your afternoon snacks, or check the price of a chocolate bar in your local grocer, or in simple words this is a survey company.

What are the requirements?

  1. Mobile Phone ( Android or IOS-iPhone )
  2. email account legal not spam.
  3. Paypal account ( this is where your payment will be send) if you don’t have paypal create here
  4. internet connection
  5. Common sense

How to Install the apps?

  1. Go to Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS- iPhone)
  2. Search for Streetbees with this Logo



3. Install the Apps after the installation, Open the APPS

4. Fill your information don’t forget your payment address to put (your Paypal account)

5. Put my invitation code ( 9955IA ) that is capital letter i next to 5 (9955ia)

note: your code will be generated after your profile is completely filed.

6. You can now start with your first Survey that pay you 1 $.

     Most of the  first Survey is about your favorite candy. Very Simple Task.

7. If you complete the Survey it will mark on your profile and will be credited to your account.

8. Invite your friend to use the Apps. 1 $ for every friend you invited.

note: Use your invitation code to invite your friend. invitation code can be found in your profile and click Invite friend.

After you complete and invite your friend, you have to wait from 2 to 4 days for your payment. it will be updated in your account like this:


You can check your paypal account and enjoy your payment(s).

Use my Invite Code when you sign up (  9955IA  ) that is capital letter i next to 5 (9955ia)


For the Proof of my payment  check here:



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