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Anyone that is new with this idea will ask, is this article is true? Or maybe it will come to your mind, No way!!! this is another way of scam.I will tell you YES it’s true, you can earn extra income by just doing simple and very easy way to generate income online for free!!! without any BOSS and not worrying about time or deadlines of your project etc., not even doing registration for an account. In this article I will teach you how and show you basic computation on how much you can earn to this idea. But I will tell you now, before you will continue reading, “this will not make you rich and famous” from the title and introduction this will only give you EXTRA INCOME. If your are interested to earn extra ,  then you can go further reading, but if you want to be rich in just a click of your mouse and a single press of keyboard, then try to search google or wiki if they can answer you.


Predefined Values:

10,000,000 Satoshi  =  0.10000000 ฿

100,000,000 Satoshi =  1.00000000 ฿

1 bitcoin =  

1 bitcoin = 39,969.00 Php ( Peso ) as of December 20, 2016

Okay we will start with the basic question:

How to do this?

First thing first, in this part, I will teach you how to make money by collecting Bitcoin (Satoshi). If you don’t have idea on what is bitcoin? Then you can read our article for bitcoins introductory (click here).

Now that you already have knowledge about Bitcoin, we will proceed on collecting them. For those whose new to bitcoin, you can collect your first coins using FAUCET SITE.


Bitcoin faucets are a reward system, this is in a form of website or apps, that give rewards in the form of a satoshi, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a simple captcha and antibot security or task as described by the website.

HOW  TO COLLECT BITCOIN (satoshi) in faucet site?

Our  website have 4 bitcoin faucet, to offer  you free bitcoin (satoshi ) without any registration (claim here).

Here are the steps on claiming Bitcoin:

Once you have selected one of our faucets this are the menu:

After step 1 and 2, this menu will come out

If all steps  were done correctly, CLAIM button will display, then the final step is to click it!

You’re done!!! You already have earned your First Satoshi (Bitcoin). You have to take note that you can claim your Satoshi repeatedly with the same site as site timer reset to  zero.After claiming your First satoshi( bitcoin) you will probably asking , WHERE DID IT GOES? Right?Now here, I will explain to you all:

First, your claimed Satoshi will go to .

What is was lunched on September, 2014 to give multiple services to Bitcoin community. Right now epay  offer Faucet middle man service . That allowed faucet users to collect coins from faucets in one place and get them in one payout to. is a non-profit system, they  do not get any fee from our users. In short they are Micropayment that act as a piggy bank and after your collected satoshi will increase up to their threshold  ( minimum is 10,000 satoshi), they will automatically deposit your earning to your wallet account every Tuesday.

How to check my earning to epay?

Go to site. On their main page you can see ”CHECK BALANCE” menu , click it and you will see this another menu.

Just paste your wallet address and click CHECK ADDRESS STAT button. Then the main dashboard of your account will display and all your earnings information will display. You can also change the setting of your account and make your account more secure by registering it with your email verification, or just keep is as is. –read epay help center for more information

How to Earn Extra Bitcoin while you are Sleeping?

Earn bitcoin even you are not working to it or you are sleeping, How? Simply by referring to your friends , or other person that are collectors of Coin. Almost all bitcoin Faucet are offering Affiliate programs.

What is this program?

Once you share your affiliate link to your friends and your friends click on the link and of course she/he will collect satoshi(bitcoin) that account will became your affiliate and you will have commission from 15 to 75% of your friend earnings depending on the faucet site offer. The most handsome of this program is, once he/she became your affiliate, she/he will be your affiliate forever!!! Yes!!! Forever is true… his/her account will be lock in to your account and you will get commission every time that account collected Satoshi (bitcoin) on that Faucet site.

Where can I found my affiliate link? See image

For affiliate program I will recommend this faucet site that gives 75% of its affiliate. That means if your friend earn 100 satoshi automatically this site send will send you 75 satoshi by doing nothing. Click here for this best affiliate Faucet.


Now that you have earn Bitcoin. How can I use this earning? Can I convert this to cash?

                   A big YES, you can convert this earning to cash, one of good example is, coins-ph wallet in Philippines, if you use as your bitcoin wallet account, on its own dashboard a menu to convert Bitcoin to Philippine peso is there, just a few click and your bitcoin will be converted to Php and ready to be send to lots of money processor in the Philippines like ex. Palawan, ML ,Cebuana and other bank transfer, the good thing is, in your account you can directly send your money to those payment processor. In just a few minutes your are good to go to claim your cash. But wait, you also use your bitcoin to pay online shopping and even bills. Just do a little google and you will find a lots of option.

For now we will end this Part 1 of the article. On our Part 2 I will teach you how to invest and earn more of bitcoin in safest way. Now that you have just learn how to claim your first Satoshi( bitcoin ) keep on collecting and by the next article we will invest a part of your earning to boost your bitcoin.

Collect your bitcoin Here as recommended. Click me


For some question and support , please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below or send to us email. We will be happy to help.

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